Long ago, when magic was
a part of everyday life and
fairies were seen at sunset,
unicorns roamed the forests.
incredible beauty, magical
and wonderful, they visited
those who were pure of heart
and brought eternal springtime
to the hearts of true lovers.

"The Unicorn were the most
recognizable magic the fairies
possessed and they sent them
to those worlds where belief
in magic was in danger of falling
altogether. After all, there has
to be some belief in magic--
however small--for any world
to survive."
Terry Brooks, The Black Unicorn

My dear friend, Lady Rhiannon
had a lovely campaign some
years ago to which undoubtedly
many of you belonged. She
called it "Save the Unicorn"
campaign and everywhere you
traveled her buttons were
there for all to see.

Unfortunately, she and the
campaign have vanished, so
I've decided to keep her
dream alive here until
she returns.
You'll find buttons below
and together perhaps, we can
keep the magic alive!

~Fairy SweetSong~


© 2001 Geoff Anderson
Used with permission

Graphics by Angie
Thanks sisterfriend!
Graphics ©Selkywolf's Den

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