For centuries, poets and
philosophers have spoken of the
universal desire for serenity--
for those fleeting tranquil
moments when the whirl of life
slows down long enough for
our blessings to come into focus.

A quiet moment with a child, the
satisfaction of a job well-done,
a chat with an old friend, a
span of time alone to think and
dream -- serenity is a different
thing to different people. Yet,
fundamentally it is the same for
us all--the need for an uninter-
rupted slice of time in which
we can appreciate the world
around us and listen to the
world inside of us.

The following are inspiring
thoughts of writers, philosophers
scholars, theologians, and
leaders who have sought---and
found--the secrets of serenity.

Lady Hawk


Music: Pachelbels Canon,
sequencer unknown.

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