There is a potential goddess living
within us all. Perhaps her presence
is well-known to us; more likely,
in the midst of our hectic routines
of work, home and family, we've
never taken the time to meet her.
Who--what--is this goddess?

The very image conjures up images
of the powerful spirits who were
worshipped in the ancient times
and who are still worshipped
by some today. And so it follows
that the goddess within us is a wise,
strong woman. We must learn to
trust her, to listen to her, to
to understand her.

We have had many extraordinary
women grace our planet with
their presence. Some, like
Joan of Arc, have made their
mark on history; most are ordinary,
not seeking fame or fortune but
living with an intense passion
and purpose to their lives.

Armand Eisen, 1999


Music: Pachelbels Canon,
sequencer unknown.

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