"Sweet Dreams"
Artist: Lisa Jane

Do I believe?......Aye, I do.
A combined geneology of Irish,
Native American and Greek flows
through me--would you expect

When only a small child
stumbling around in my grammys
lovely gardens, I still
remember her words of heed:
"Watch ye feet little girl,
the wee ones be there!"

Well now, she had a habit,
my grammy did, of calling me
her "wee one", so naturally
I assumed she spoke of small
little girls. When she
learned of my misconception,
she only smiled and said,
"There be all kinds of things
in heaven and on earth we
dunna always see, but
they be there just the same.
You take them a daisy or two
when you can child,
and maybe they'll speak to
you one day."

Then she told me their tale:

Long ago, the earth was
inhabited by thousands upon
thousands of the Fae.
They existed to be humans
helpmates but because of our
disregard for our
wildlife, forests and lovely
woodlands, and our general
non-belief in them,
they have been almost totally
driven into extinction.
When the great woods and
forests were plentiful,
FAERIES enjoyed great abundance.
Humankind whispered their
names with respect and awe!

With our selfishness and greed,
has come their great time
of need.

YOU can help them though!
Join our campaign and put an
"I BELIEVE" button
on your mail or homepages.
When you awaken each morn,
whisper to yourself,
Take time to enjoy the beauty
around you; take your children
for a walk in the
sunlight. Smell a flower--
--pick a daisy----and hit the
"I BELIEVE" buttons to join.

If daisys had been dollars,
I would have entered
adulthood as a millionaire.

I still take daisys
to the wee ones on occasion,
and so do my wee ones.
For you see.....

Come now to my magical realm
and when you're through,
you'll say, "I BELIEVE" too!

Please help save our unicorn!

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Sir Alec Guinness de Cuffe
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