Mary Baxter St. Clair was born in St. Claire
Shores, Michigan into a very large and
creative family. She has been painting
since the age of ten and studied at the
Art Institute of California. Her works
are reknown internationally and are cherished
by art collectors and lover of the fae
world-wide. She lives in Kauai, Hawaii.
Her works touch a special chord in my memory,
as evidenced by my use of her lovely art
throughout my site.

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"Jardin Dee Revee"-"Garden of Dreams"
和ary Baxter St.Clair

"Best Friends" 和ary Baxter St.Clair

"Fairy Gold" 和ary Baxter St.Clair

"A Little More Fairy Dust Please"
和ary Baxter St.Clair

"Love Is Dawning" 和ary Baxter St.Clair

"Le Papilon Dore"-"The Golden Butterfly"
和ary Baxter St.Clair

Graphics are used with artists permission.
All prints 和ary Baxter St. Clair,
please visit her gallery to purchase or
ask for permission to use.
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up above. The Fae and I thank you!

Music "The Royals" sequenced by Lesley Nelson