Shhh...listen to the music, let it soothe
your soul while the wee ones come out of
hiding don't you know!

"The Gateway" İDiana Stanley

The Gate İFairy Sweet Song

Tis a gateway plain to see
From this land to fae-rie.
Where elves and faeries like to play
Where gnomes and unicorns dance all day.
The wee ones see it very clear
Tis but a short walk from here.
But you and I have lost the sight
So when the moon is full and bright
And shines upon the forest deep
Are you sure your child is fast asleep?
Or walking through the deep dark wood
To meet and laugh and dance and play
With faeries till the light of day.

"Fairy Ring" İDiana Stanley

A Ring

İFairy Sweet Song

A ring here, what doth it declare to us?
A ring: What doth its mystery conceal?
And what numbers of persons placed it here?
Were they few or were they many
Or perhaps were they faerie?


Author Unknown

If you see a fairy ring
In a field of grass
Very lightly step around,
Tip-Toe as you pass.
Last Night fairies frolicked there
And they're sleeping somewhere near!

If you see a tiny fairy
Lying fast asleep
Shut your eyes
Run away
Do not stay to peek!
Do Not Tell...
Or you'll break the fairy spell!

"Loving Touch" İDiana Stanley

"The Touch of Love"
İFairy Sweet Song

Alone am I, I've stopped to rest
Alone I thought, but there's a nest
Of three brown bunnies soft and small
They seem to have no fear at all.
I coax them all to come to me
I stroke them very tenderly.
But then I turn and see her fear
For Mother Rabbit has come near.
Quite soon she sees it's only me
Her loving friend, a good fae-rie.

"Fairy Pond"İDiana Stanley

The Fairy Pondİ Fairy Sweet Song

It's cool here where I stand with feet
Emerged in water cool and sweet.
I musn't let my wings get wet
They take so long to dry and yet
I long to lie down on my back
And twist and turn and dive so deep
But that I cannot do you see,
For I was born a winged fae-rie!

"Fairy Garden" İDiana Stanley

The Fairy GardenİFairy Sweet Song

I've had a fairy garden
Since I was very small.
Grammy helped me plant the seeds
By the garden wall.
Foxgloves, bluebells, roses too
All grew round and round
Up and down the garden path
Mushrooms did abound!
Fairy shrooms, granny said,
"Oh child, wait and see
You've sent an invitation
To the land of the fae-rie.
They'll come and flutter
Round your flowers
Then happily will go home
When morning sun lights up the sky
And night turns into dawn."

"Fairy Dream" İDiana Stanley

The Fairy Dream İ Fairy Sweet Song

I've wandered very far it seems
To distant lands in my dreams.
I used to close my eyes and see
Mounds and hills of wee fae-rie!

We'd run and jump and play with elves
They always let me be myself.
When morning light was very dim
They'd gently guide me home again.

Now I've grand-daughters of my own
Who nightly through the woods do roam
To distant lands in their dreams
To mounds and hills of wee fae-rie.

Leapfrog İFairy Sweet Song

I know I should be fast asleep
But when they summoned me from sleep
They promised me we'd jump and play
And leap oe'r shrooms till light of day.
I could not tell them no you see
For playing leap frog with fae-rie
Is my idea of having fun
Until dawn breaks and night is done!

All original artwork İDiana Stanley. You can
visit her studio Vision Quest
to see more or perhaps visit my fantasy
artists section (use table of contents).
The shroom bars were from Nevr2L8's
Some of the darlin fae and pixies were
from STARLUCKS and some were from
Enchanted Hollow You'll find all of
them throughout my pages. Pixy Dust Tink was
courtesy of Whimsey Quest. If you've a need
to use my poetry, please feel free, just
credit me if you please and if you have
a wee picture of a fae that needs a rhyme
or two, just sing my song and I'd be happy
to lend a hand! Now, sit back and relax
and have fun exploring my realm of "I BELIEVE!"

Graphics by Angie
Graphics İ Selkywolf's Den

Music "Faery Flight",
Used with permission