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'Tis the obligation of a ¹seanachais to the Ancestors to pass the storys, magick and sacred code along to the children, lest they forget. In this modern world of technology, we are able to use keystrokes instead of shoe leather. If there's more you're wanting to know which is not here, just sing me your song, drop me a line and I'll see what I can do for you!

The little people, dragons, unicorns, mascots, and all the other beasties wanted your navigation to be simple...so here's a wee chart you can follow or simply press the Fairy Table of Contents buttons on each page and at the end of each section to return here. If you want to visit our other realms they are below! Happy Journey!

~Fairy Sweet Song~

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¹seanachais (Gaelic for storyteller)

Fairy Sweet Song's Realm
Fairy Sweet Song's Realm The Forest of Tir Deeper in the Forest Fairy History The Sidhe
Fairy Queens Fairy Kings The Realm of Air Earth Faeries Rock Faeries
The Realm of Water The Realm of Fire Fairy Rings The Cottingley Fairys Fairy Dictionary
A Road To Fairyland The Fairy Child Fairy Poetry Fairy Paths Tir Nan Og

Unicorns The Last Unicorn Save the Unicorn

Some Tales from the Brothers Grimm
Fairy Tales
Country Mouse-City Mouse Aladdin Beauty & The Beast Thumbelina Tom Thumb
Cinderella Elves & the Shoemaker Goldilocks Princess & The Pea Hansel & Gretel
Puss In Boots Red Dragon Three Wishes Snow White The Ugly Duckling

Fantasy Artists
Cicely M. Barker Faeries of Winter Faeries of Spring Faeries of Summer Faeries of Autumn
Amy Brown Brian Froud Diana E. Stanley Alan Lee Margaret Tarrant
Mary Baxter St.Clare Gregory Hoose Anne Geddes David Weston Meilin Wong
Shelah Dinwiddie Seasons' Fairys Jessica Galbreth Soon Soon

All Things Celtic
Celtic History King Arthur King Arthur King Arthur King Arthur
Nimue & Merlin 3 Druid Grades Bards Ovates Druids
Treelore ~The Ogham~ Ogham Table Celtic Days & Months Celtic Moon Phases
Medicinal Properties of Herbs Majickal Properties of Herbs Ancient Oral Faery Tradition Ancient Oral Faery -2 Celtic Calendar-Wheel of the Year
Celtic Animal Birth Signs Celtic Animal Allies Celtic Mythology St. Patrick The Book of Kells
The Irish Race Which Tree Are YOU? St. Pat's Confession The Century of Saints TARA
Celtic Goddesses The Goddess Brighid The Goddess Morrigan The Goddess Blodeuedd Celtic Gods
The Dagda Cernunnos Lugh The Otherworld The Irish Otherworld
William Butler Yeats The Trooping Fairies Amairgin Queen Eriu Celtic Proverbs

The Gardens
Welcome to My Garden Fairy Garden Spirit Garden-1 Spirit Garden-2 Garden of Friends Charm Clique

My Adoptions
The Fairy Realm The Wandering Fae Camomiles' World Fairy Adopts 1 Fairy Adopts-2
Fairy Adopts 3 Pagan Holiday Pixies Lady H Ladies of the Realm Mystical Adopts
Burackions & Dragons Celtic Forest Elementals & Others Enchanted Pixies & Friends Seasonal
Animal Guardian Katnip Fairy Creek Katnip Creek -2 Holidays at Fairy Creek Dragons
Dragons -2 Malathar A Dragon Valentine Fire Alert Sweet Water Lake
Dragon Nursery Unicorn Art More Unicorns Unicorn Hatchlings Enchanted Hollow Limited Editions

Holiday Table of Contents Valentine's Day St. Paddy's Day Happy Halloween Halloween Wishes
Thanksgiving Santa 4th of July Soon Soon

Castle Glamis
Enchanted Hollow Adoption Table Welcome to the Castle Sir Jorge & Princess Miranda To Their Horror Merlin Gathers the Clan
The Dark Knights Castle Valentines Day at the Castle Soon Soon Soon

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