Cicely M. Barker was born on June 28, 1885.
She was a frail child who suffered from epilepsy.
Her loving father enrolled her in Craydon Art
Society in a correspondence course which was
the beginning of what would be a life-times
work for this most talented, fae-blessed artist.

Cicely's first work was published at the age of
sixteen --- a set of six postcards.
Her illustrations of flowers and plants are
botanically accurate but her fairys in each
picture reminds us of the magic and beauty
of nature. She wrote a poem for each fairy
which helped me discover the wonder and
beauty of combining perennials in my cherished
rose gardens. What some view as roadside
weeds, I envision surrounded by a wee fae
on a clear, crisp, moonlit night. I've
read each and every one of her wonderous
books. Her first book was "Flower Fairies
of Spring" published in 1923.

Are you ready to impart on an enchanted
journey? Just pick the season and place
below and experience the joy, beauty and
magic of Cicely Mary Barker's works!

Fairy of the Flowers

Fairys of Winter Fairys of Spring

Fairys of Summer Fairys of Autumn

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Music "Maggie Browne" sequenced by Lesley Nelson

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Illustrations from "A World of
Flower Fairies" by Cicely Mary Barker, Copyrightę
The Estate of Cicely Mary Barker, 1925, 1926,
1944, 1948, 1990, 1992. Reproduced by
permission of Frederick Warner & Co., London,