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This Wolf site is dedicated to wolf
preservation, education and restoration
of wolves!

"We live in "The Decade of the Wolf."
After centuries of persecuting and
misunderstanding them, society has
finally begun to examine long-held
attitudes and adopt an enlightened and
tolerant view of predators. As a
result, conservation and restoration
projects for the wolf, unthinkable as
recently as the early 1970's, are now

Even in areas where they are relatively
plentiful, however, wolves are losing
habitat to agriculture and urban sprawl."

John A. Murray

"Out Among the Wolves"

July, 1992

Please visit Defenders of Wildlife Website
to learn Sarah Palin's views on the environment and then vote
with your heart!

"Tonight the wolves run...Twists of
shadow in the moonlight....buoyed by
those massive paws rising and falling
like whispers against the snow."

Gary Ferguson, The Yellowstone Wolves:

The First Year

"Some of the nations' most
prominent biologists have estimated
that protecting habitat for wide-ranging
predators such as wolves will conserve
90 per cent or more of overall
biological diversity. The Wolf is a
symbol of wild nature.

Almost wiped out in the lower 48 states
in the past century, the wolf has become
a special symbol of the wild."


July 2008
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If you talk to the animals they will
talk to you and you will know each other
If You do not talk to them, you will
not know them, and what you do not
know you will fear. What one fears, one

~Chief Dan George~


May the warm winds of Heaven blow
softly upon your house.
May the Great Spirit Bless all who
enter there.
May your moccasins make happy tracks
in many snows.
And may the rainbow always touch your

Please become directly involved to help
save the wolf. It's not enough to claim
to be a "Wolf Person"-- support through
membership, donations and speaking
aloud those conservation organizations
whose banners you will find within these


If you care, become involved!

Become A Wildlife Guardian

Help Stop Montana's Buffalo Slaughter!

Please watch the National Geographic Channel - Monday, April 16 9P et/pt time for this miraculous story!

Advocates for wildlife... providing
professional rehabilitation services for
injured and orphaned wild animals, and
wildlife education for the citizens of
northeast Kansas and northwest Missouri.

Please visit Rocky Mountain Nature Association and learn what you
can do to protect our public lands. Students, point your teachers
in their direction to help them learn stewardship for Mother Earth!

We can all make a difference!

Help SAVE the Arctic Wildlife Refuge
from BIG OIL!!!

Visit P&G to see how Dawn can save our wildlife
after oil spills!

Help Save our National Parks!

Help reintroduce Wolves to the Scottish Highlands!

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In Memory of the millions of healthy
loving animals who lost their lives
because there are not enough homes!

Please be part of the solution!
Spay/Neuter, Adopt, RESCUE, Don't Breed!

Stephen Robert Irwin
February 22, 1962 - September 4, 2006
The World has lost one of its' greatest wildlife conservationists.
Thank you and rest well Wildlife Warrior - you will be missed!

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